Dear partners of Gaastra,
Our highly successful GA Foiling team needs the right sail to gain great results in 2019 as they did last year and with the Vapor Air they are more than well equipped for the season. But not only world-class sailors will appreciate the unmatched performance and handling on and off the racing course.

Our R&D team around Peter Munzlinger, Cedric Bordes and Sebastian Kördel, who got crownded vice world champion on the PWA Foil Tour last year, came up with a completely new concept for our foil racing sail after testing a lot of different prototypes.

Eight battens and four cambers provide the sail with a balanced profile that offers great performance both on upwind and downwind tacks. A higher aspect and tighter leech define the Vapor Air and meet the requirements of a dedicated foil racing sail.

The Vapor Air will be available in following sizes:

  • 6.8 m² - Luff 470 cm - Boom 204 cm
  • 7.8 m² - Luff 501 cm - Boom 215 cm
  • 8.8 m² - Luff 545 cm - Boom 220 cm
  • 9.8 m² - Luff 575 cm - Boom 232 cm

Further information will be released on our website soon!

Super ponude

  • Gaastra Školsko dječje jedro Foxx 2.2 / 2.5 - (700kn)
  • Jarboli: Gaastra BlueLine 30/SDM/430cm i 460cm - (700kn)
  • GA-Booms 2018 Green Line Mono - (1.100kn)
  • GA 2015 RIDER Seat Harness (500kn)


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